Lindsay-Heckler Portrait

Lindsay Heckler

Supervising Attorney

Lindsay Heckler is a Supervising Attorney at Center for Elder Law & Justice, where she manages the agency’s response to nursing home and long term care policies and regulations; as well as other issues that impact older adults and vulnerable populations. She is the legal liaison for the partnership between the Center for Elder Law & Justice and People Inc.’s NYS Region 15 Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, and is a certified ombudsman. In her roles as legal liaison and ombudsman, Ms. Heckler is an advocate and resource for information pertaining to long term care issues for residents in nursing homes, adult homes, and their families. Lindsay was previously Associate Compliance Counsel for a Medicare Compliance Company, assisting clients in navigating the CMS system, policy initiatives and appeals procedures. Lindsay graduated from the University of Rochester in 2007, University at Buffalo School of Law in 2010, and the University at Buffalo School of Public Health & Health Professions in 2011.