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In addition to our service, Long-Term Care Advocacy, this resource page provides information regarding your rights in a nursing home and an adult care facility (commonly referred to as ‘assisted living’).  These materials are provided for informational purposes only and their use does not constitute an attorney-client relationship, nor is it legal advice.

General: Long Term Care

                -   Health Care Proxy and Capacity Guide

 -   General Medicaid Information

                           -   Medicaid Eligibility FAQ

  -   Your Guide to Long-Term Care

Nursing Homes

-   Guide to Nursing Home Resident Rights & Tips

-    How to Pay for Nursing Home Care FAQ

-    Involuntary Transfer/Discharge: Guide

-    Where to Turn if you Have a Nursing Home Concern

-    Nursing Home Resident Right: Voice Grievances

-    Nursing Home Resident Right: Finances

-    Nursing Home Resident Right: Baseline Care Plan

-    Nursing Home Resident Right: Access to Records

-    Nursing Home Resident Right: Returning to the Community

-   Nursing Home Admission Agreements: Guide