Helen Ferraro-Zaffram’s Insight

When I began as a volunteer in 1984, our offices were located on Delaware Avenue, where a hotel now stands. Since those initial days when typing was done on a typewriter with carbon copies, not only has technology advanced but so has our agency. From 10-12 employees, we have now grown to a staff of over 50. With that growth, we have seen an increase in the areas of law we practice, the numbers of clients we serve annually and the complexity of legal issues which face so many.

We attend community outreaches at various events throughout Western New York. Attorneys and paralegals provide information to groups who wish to be educated on numerous legal topics. We now have 2 satellite offices in addition to our Buffalo location. These additional offices allow us to serve clients in outlying counties.

All of this growth, in large part, occurs because of the tireless efforts of our CEO, CFO, Board and Staff.

With the New Year, we are fortunate to forge new community partnerships and look forward to providing our clients with the highest quality of legal representation.

Happy New Year!

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