World Congress on Guardianship

This past May, I was fortunate enough to attend  the  Third World Congress on Guardianship which was hosted in the United States.  The Congress brought scholars and Guardians from around the world to share their expertise on methods and advancements in Guardianship practices.  Issues and concerns that US Guardians encounter are similar worldwide.

Presently, LSED serves as Guardian for approximately one-hundred individuals.  We are appointed by the Court to handle personal and property decisions making for all of them.  Fortunately, LSED has a team of employees who work tirelessly on meeting the needs of those for whom we are responsible.

Our benefits coordinator secures funds and benefits and recertifies our clients for programs and entitlements.  The accounts manager sees to it that financial accounts are opened, meticulous records kept, bills and financial issues addressed.  Our social workers handle personal concerns and treatment matters while providing reassurance to the clients and their families.  The attorneys for the Guardianship Unit handle legal issues surrounding a myriad of matters.  Support staff assist with the statutory requirements of accountings and the like.

The World Congress provided a vehicle for us to see that the best practices LSED utilizes are working and appropriate.  The Congress also gave us encouragement to strive to attain new methods and ideas to further enhance our program.

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