Who Can Help Me Understand Care Levels, Treatment Needs And Options For Residence?

Perhaps a loss of a spouse, the move of a caregiver out of state or the necessity of a hospitalization may trigger a whole host of new issues for an elder.  Can you remain safely in your home?  Are there programs and help you might receive so as to stay as independent as possible?  Might your health and safety be such a concern that assisted living or even a skilled nursing facility might need to be considered?

Geriatric case managers provide a wealth of information and services which can serve to allow the senior and family members to better navigate the complex issues surrounding many of these considerations.  Case managers help with the planning and coordinating of care for elders with the goal of meeting the client’s needs.

Obviously, it is important for the care manager to learn about the client’s functional abilities in order to offer options for care.  Geriatric case managers may work with other professionals:  social workers, doctors, nurses and attorneys for example, so they can comprehensively assess and assist the client with implementing services that accommodate their needs.  For some elders, a few hours of home health aide services weekly  might allow them to remain in an independent living situation; for others, special programs that care managers are knowledgeable about, could be the difference for someone remaining in  their own home.

Over the years, the Guardianship Unit at Legal Services for the Elderly has called upon Geriatric Case Managers to help with difficult cases.  Their guidance and creative problem solving ideas have proved invaluable.

Sometimes we feel lost or alone when faced with trying to understand care levels, treatment needs and options for residence.  Geriatric Case Managers are in the Western New York area and welcome the opportunity to put their skill set to use, often in conjunction with other disciplines.

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