Legal Services for the Elderly provides Civil Legal Services to clients in several Counties in Western New York. The Agency has different contracts funded by a variety of sources and our CEO, Karen Nicolson, Esq., works tirelessly to secure new funding streams to keep up with 21st century demands. For most of our services, the client must be sixty (60) years of age or older. There are exceptions to that, again, based upon the contract/funding source. Even when the legal issue someone calls us for is definitely something LSED handles, there may be times when the agency must decline the case because an Attorney /Client relationship cannot be established. There are many instances when a person other than the client contacts LSED for assistance for the elder. Oftentimes, that third party caller is an adult child of the prospective client. As the parent in that instance would be the client, it is important for the paralegal/attorney team to be able to communicate with and establish a legal relationship with that person. While we understand that the adult child may be acting as the Agent under a Power of Attorney, there are cases where it is imperative for us to still speak with the elder.   In cases where the paralegal/attorney team cannot successfully establish a relationship with the elder, we may have no choice but to decline representation. As attorneys, we are bound by a Code of Professional Ethics and must always be able to answer the question, “Who is our client?” with an unequivocal response.

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