Certain mail-order pharmacies and pharmaceutical providers, most notably the Veterans Administration, are experiencing delays in prescriptions being delivered to their customers.  This is due to the reduced allowable overtime hours for postal workers and decommissioning of certain postal sorting machines.  Although most government benefits are direct deposited into the recipients’ bank accounts, some recipients still receive paper checks through the mail.  These may also be affected by the USPS slowdown in the coming weeks.

If you are concerned about your prescription medication, make sure you request refills before your current supply of medicine runs out to give the refill enough time to get to you.  If you requested a refill that is delayed, you should contact your pharmacy or online prescription provider as soon as possible.  You should not wait until you are out of medication before contacting them.  In some cases, they may be able to send emergency refills via private delivery services (such as UPS or FedEx).

If you are concerned about delays in government benefits, contact the agency that provides those benefits (such as Social Security or your local Department of Social Services).  They may be able to switch your benefits to direct deposit, which would mean your benefits are no longer dependent on the Post Office to get to you.  You need to have a bank account in order to have benefits directly deposited; however many banks offer simple checking accounts with low or no fees that can be opened quickly.