CELJ’s Guardianship Unit serves as court-appointed guardian for Erie County residents age 60+ who have been determined to be incapacitated by the court and require assistance to meet their needs.

The Guardianship Unit includes legal staff, accountants, and social workers in order to provide the following services:

  • regular visits
  • support and management of all affairs, including:
    • health care
    • finances
    • legal needs
  • serving as court evaluator when requested by the court
  • providing legal representation to those contesting a guardianship proceeding

Please note: we do not assist people who are seeking to become guardian over another individual. If you wish to petition for guardianship for a loved one whom you fear is in danger, please call the Erie County Department of  Protective Services for Adults at (716) 858- 6877. Alternatively, you can contact a private attorney.

Senior woman with her home caregiver

Are you a guardian in need of assistance? Learn more about our Family Guardian Support Project, sponsored by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and Foundation 214.






Most of the people we serve are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  However, upon being appointed guardian, we do an assessment to determine whether the person is able to live in the community. It is our goal to ensure that the people we serve are in the appropriate placement, depending on their needs, desires, and functional abilities.

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