A Coordinated Approach To Combat Elder Financial Exploitation & Abuse

Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDTs) are a partnership among public, profit and non-profit organizations, with the goal of working collaboratively to improve the process of protecting victims of financial exploitation and abuse, as well as improve the outcomes of complex elder abuse cases. Erie County’s E-MDT is coordinated by social worker Kathy Kanaley of Center for Elder Law & Justice, and includes the Erie County District Attorney’s office, Erie County Sheriff’s office, and representatives from Erie County Adult Protective Services and Senior Services. The addition of a forensic accountant to assist in the accounting of stolen funds, and a geriatric psychiatrist to help with determinations of capacity, is what makes it an “enhanced” model for elder abuse case coordination.

The E-MDT meets at least once a month to discuss cases, develop service plans and assign action items. While the primary goal is to ensure the safety of elder abuse victims, the E-MDT also seeks to reduce risk of future abuse, recover stolen assets and pursue criminal prosecution in appropriate cases. In 2016, Erie County Adult Protective Services reported receiving 1,600 elder abuse referrals.

Center for Elder Law & Justice received funding from Lifespan of Greater Rochester to implement the E-MDT in Erie County.

For more information about the E-MDT, call Kathy Kanaley, the E-MDT coordinator at 853-3087 x 219.

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