Online Legal Risk Assessment Tools Available

During this global pandemic more Western New Yorkers are struggling with issues related to safe and affordable housing, debt, health care and financial exploitation. The Center for Elder Law & Justice has two online screening tools available to connect older adults who may be facing these types of challenges with our office.

The New York Elder Law Risk Detector is a free, web-based application developed with Pro Bono Net that can be used by social workers, medical personnel, and other professionals to screen seniors for common legal issues facing the elderly. Referrals are sent directly to the Center for Elder Law & Justice when the assessment is complete, and our staff will follow up within 48 hours. The Risk Detector has been updated to improve efficiency, and is available online at:

The Senior Financial Safety Tool (SFST) is a free web-based tool that empowers financial institutions and older adults themselves, to spot risks of financial exploitation. The SFST was developed in collaboration with Lake Shore Savings Bank and Pro Bono Net, and is supported through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime. There are two versions available: one for financial professionals to use with their customers, and a self-assessment version that can be used by anyone interested in a financial health check-up. There is an option to be referred to the Center for Elder Law & Justice for follow-up and action, and consumer rights information and resources are generated for all users. The tool can be accessed online at:


Virtual training for service providers to use these tools is available. Please contact either Erin or Melissa for more information:

Erin Riker, Technology-Based Legal Services Attorney

(716) 853-3087 x 249

Melissa Woods, Project Coordinator, Senior Financial Safety Tool

(716) 853-3087 x 206




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