LSED Staff Share Their Knowledge and Expertise with Community Groups

Did you know that in additional to serving clients in seven counties, the LSED staff can share their knowledge and expertise with your staff or community group?

Whether you would like a general overview of our services or would like us to focus on a specific area of law, we can develop a custom presentation to meet your needs.

Areas we cover (but not limited to):

Elder Abuse Prevention

This presentation focuses on identifying the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and what you can do to prevent elder abuse.


This presentation will discuss common Medicare and Medicaid questions and issues.

  • Medicare Part A, B, D and Medicare Advantage plans coverage issues (ambulance etc…)
  • Medicaid eligibility and coverage  fair hearings and conferences
  • Medicaid Spend-Down: How it works
  • Medicaid vs. The Marketplace/State Exchange
  • Medicaid Long Term Managed Care issues
  • Transitioning people from a skilled nursing facility to a home/community setting
  • Maintaining private/Medicaid/Medicare insurance coverage for skilled nursing

Consumer Protection Presentation and Workshop

LSED offers a Consumer Protection Presentation and Workshop intended to do the following:

  • create awareness of financial scams targeted at seniors and how to avoid becoming a victim of these scams
  • teach seniors about their legal rights as consumers and debtors
  • create self-empowerment for seniors regarding their financial security and options

Following the presentation, a workshop will be provided where seniors can get direct assistance from a lawyer or paralegal from our office. We will be available to provide on-site cease communication letters, get seniors signed up for the do-not-call / opt out registries and assist them with filling out Attorney General Complaint forms, along with other services.

We will keep cases open that may need more assistance beyond the on-site services. We can provide this presentation and workshop to senior centers, senior apartments and other community centers.

Substituted Decision Making

This presentation covers useful documents including Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies.  The Power of Attorney is a document that allows an individual (the principal) to appoint another (the agent) to handle all of their financial affairs for them.  The Health Care Proxy is a document that allows a principal to appoint an agent to make medical decisions for them, which are specifically detailed in a living will.  Our presentation can cover a thorough review of the essential functions of each document, as well as the important choices to be made in each document.

We can conduct a presentation which covers least restrictive forms of substituted decision making to the most restrictive (Rep payee –> Guardianship).

Article 81 Presentation – we will cover why it is important to have a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney in place to avoid a scenario where a Guardian needs to be appointed to handle your affairs.  The presentation explains the costs of petitioning for Guardianship, the role of a Guardian the powers of a Guardian and the requirements if you are appointed.

WNY Coalition Pooled Trust

The WNY Coalition Pooled Trust has been around for almost ten years and allows individuals to enhance the quality of their lives without causing a loss of the public benefits that they rely upon to survive. The trust is run by two nonprofit organizations, LSED and People Inc., and can be used for disabled individuals of all ages who have a Medicaid Spenddown, a lump sum, or receive money from others.

Grandparents (and other relative caregivers) and their Rights

This presentation informs relative caregivers about their options when they are concerned about the care of their grandchildren. What to look for, where to go, the legal process, CPS involvement, child support all are covered in this presentation.

Please contact our office at (716) 853-3087 to schedule a presentation.

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