Kinship Care: Continuing the Child-Parent Relationship during COVID-19

submitted by Sarah Hedden, Esq.

The coronavirus pandemic is a scary and stressful time for everyone, but particularly for children. Their schools are closed, routines are disrupted, and they or their loved ones may be sick. It’s important to continue a routine for ourselves and the children we care for.

Across the United States, about 2.5 million children are living with a relative who is not their parent. For those who have been able to maintain a relationship with their parents, that continued relationship is more important now than ever.

Some caregivers may be unable to facilitate in-person visitation right now due to illness, quarantine, caseworkers being unavailable to supervise visits, or other reasons. However, children and parents need continued time together which can happen through phone calls, video chats, creating drawings and writing letters.

Below is guidance on facilitating access for children and parents when they are unable to be together in person, provided by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Virtual_Parent_Time_Handout (1)

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