New York State has ordered that the 60-day period for all marriage licenses that have been issued will be waived.  For those who need a second marriage license due to expiration, the fees will be waived also.  Further, issuance of new and replacement marriage licenses is now able to be done remotely.  Contact your town, village, or city clerk to inquire about obtaining a marriage license.  A few conditions must be met to do this remotely:

  • You must have the capability to have live audio and video contact with the town, village, or city clerk from which you are getting the marriage license. Skype, Zoom, and Face Time all offer live audio and video options.
  • You must be able to transmit documents back and forth with the clerk’s office via fax or electronic means. This can be any electronic means, including using a scanner app on your phone.  Free scanner apps are available for most smartphone models.
  • You must affirm under penalty of perjury that you are physically located in the jurisdiction where the marriage is to occur when you conduct the audio/video conference with the clerk’s office to obtain the marriage license.
  • Both parties to the marriage must be present on the audio/video conference.

Further, New York has authorized anyone allowed by law to conduct marriage ceremonies to do so remotely.  This will allow your marriage officiant to socially distance themselves while still performing your marriage ceremony.  Consult with your town, village, or city clerk’s office about the procedure for the officiant to return the signed marriage license for filing after the ceremony.