Dementia – A Realistic Portrayal

Here at LSED, our office serves as Court appointed Guardian of the Person and Property of nearly one hundred individuals.   LSED does not petition for Guardianship, but serves when called upon by the Court.   These people for whom LSED serves as Guardian have lost the ability to manage their own affairs, most often due to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Portrayals of this disease in the media and popular culture are often unrealistic, and do not capture the true nuance of the disease.   Alzheimer’s is more than a person becoming forgetful of people’s names, or where he or she places her house keys.

A great documentary film you can watch online for free which provides a true picture of what Alzheimer’s disease looks like is HBO Films ’ the Memory Loss Tapes, directed and produced by Shari Cookson and Nick Doob.  The film tells the story of 4 different people, suffering with Alzheimer’s at various stages of the disease’s progression.  It allows the viewer to see how the disease can affect different people in different ways.    To watch online for free, visit .

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