Consumer – Nursing Home Survey

The process of entering a nursing home, whether it is for short-term rehabilitation or long term care, is a stressful and confusing time. With generous support from the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Benefit Fund, the Center for Elder Law & Justice (CELJ) is looking to make the process less confusing in part by developing two resource guides:

  • Will provide patients with information and resources for hospital discharge planning and the transition to a nursing home;
  • Will provide patients/residents with information and resources for their stay at the nursing home (regardless of whether it is for short-term rehabilitation services or long term care).

Our overall goal is to empower patients/residents and their family/friends to become self-advocates, have a voice in their care, and to know where to turn if additional advocacy is needed. Knowledge and communication are key.

We cannot do this without your help and your voice! We want to hear from you and invite the WNY community to complete the following survey. This survey is confidential. If you wish to provide your contact information it will not be shared.

For questions or comments, please contact Staff Paralegal Liam McMahon at (716) 853-3087 x 257.


Consumer Nursing Home Survey

  • Background

  • Experience at hospital (pre-nursing home admission)

  • Experience at nursing home

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