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Center for Elder Law & Justice Resident Rights Advocacy Initiative

The Center for Elder Law & Justice (CELJ) is pleased to announce a new initiative made possible through the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Benefit Fund. The goal of this initiative will be to improve the ability of nursing home residents in Western New York to advocate for themselves to receive the best possible care. This will be accomplished by educating and empowering residents and their supporters so that we as a community can effectuate a positive change. The project has three phases, the first of which will require help from you!

Phase 1: Gather Input from the Community.

We want to hear from the Western New York (WNY) community who have had personal experience with our nursing homes. In connecting with our community at large, our organization will be able to sharpen the tools we provide to residents that allow them to self-advocate. By drawing on your experiences we hope to cultivate a valuable pool of knowledge that will inform the final two phases of the initiative. To participate please take one of two surveys based on the type of experiences you have.

Take Our Survey!

Current or former nursing home residents, family members, or supporters, please take our consumer survey located at:

Professionals who work in a hospital, nursing home, Office for the Aging, or ombudsman, please take our non-consumer survey located:

If you wish to take the survey via phone or have a paper copy sent in the mail please contact Staff Paralegal Liam McMahon at or at 716-853-3087 x257.

Phase 2: Development of Resource Guides

We will take what we learn from Phase 1 to develop two resource guides that will provide useful information to current nursing home residents and hospital patients who are preparing to make the transition to a nursing home (for short-term rehabilitation or long term care). We will take what we learn from you to deliver this resource to new and current nursing home residents providing the information they most need when they need it the most.

Phase 3: Resident Rights Advocacy Trainings

We will conduct resident rights advocacy trainings for residents, families, and other stakeholders throughout the WNY community. Our goal with these trainings is to educate, empower, provide guidance on effective ways to communicate, and other problem solving skills that are necessary to have a voice in one’s care and advocacy.

CELJ is very excited to begin our new Residents Rights Advocacy initiative but it won’t be possible without your help. We would like to extend our gratitude for your time and input throughout our three phase initiative.  With the experiences you provide through our surveys and communications, we hope to create an invaluable resource for nursing home residents that will ease the process of transitioning to a nursing home (for short-term rehabilitation or long term care) and help nursing home residents become expert self-advocates in their own care. Thank you!

For questions or additional information, please contact Staff Paralegal, Liam McMahon at or 716-853-3087 x257.
















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