October 12, 2020: WBFO, “Will New York follow New Jersey in raising nursing home wages, capping how much nursing homes can profit?”

September 24, 2020: Modern Healthcare, “Inspections found nursing home lapses as Covid-19 raged”

August 19, 2020: Buffalo News, “Even with ban lifted, many nursing home residents are unable to see family”

August 13, 2020: Buffalo News, “Understaffing plagued New York nursing homes long before Covid-19”

August 10, 2020: Buffalo News, “Tonawanda nursing home worker tells lawmakers of Covid-19 protective gear shortage”

August 5, 2020: Spectrum News, “Here’s what lawmakers can do to protect nursing home patients”

July 31, 2020: WBFO, “Lack of planning, or overly strict rules? Fewer than 1 in 5 NY nursing homes are open to visitors”

July 17, 2020: Buffalo News, “5,000 nursing home investigations delayed, thanks to Covid-19”

July 10, 2020: Niagara Frontier Publications, “Elder Law Day 2020: Summer webinar series to begin July 15”

July 4, 2020: The Seattle Times, “Stimulus money could pose dilemmas in nursing homes”

June 9, 2020: Niagara Frontier Publications, “Virtual activities planned for World Elder Abuse Awareness”

June 3, 2020: KenTon Bee, “Spindle: Remote counsel”

June 1, 2020: Buffalo News, “Cuomo administration won’t say when nursing home visits will resume”

May 30, 2020: Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, “Free legal assistance during the pandemic”

May 30, 2020: Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, “Community Response Fund Distributes $1 million in New York”

May 28, 2020: Food and Water Watch, “New York Legislature Bans Water Shutoffs during COVID-19”

May 26, 2020: Clarence Bee, “Spindle: Kinship – Special Education Advocacy”

May 26, 2020: Buffalo News, “Covid-19 brutal on long-term care facilities; nationwide, it’s worse”

May 24, 2020: Buffalo News, “Even before Covid-19, infection control was an issue at area nursing homes”

May 23, 2020: Buffalo News, “Civil legal services are essential to Covid recovery”

May 20, 2020: Courthouse News, “Drop in vaccinations raises alarm in virus-consumed NYC”

May 17, 2020: Riverdale Press, “Nursing homes: Numbers don’t tell the whole story”

May 13, 2020: Spectrum News, “WNY Elder Law Advocate on New Nursing Home Rules” 

May 12, 2020: Cheddar TV, “Helping Residents and Workers at Nursing Homes Protect Themselves Against Coronavirus”

May 7, 2020: Buffalo News, “New York doesn’t count nursing home workers infected by Covid-19” 

May 6, 2020: WBFO, “WNY has at least 150 deaths across 24 facilities, but death toll may be even higher”

May 6, 2020: WBEN, “Is vaccine needed for nursing homes to reopen?”

May 6, 2020: WBEN, “Attorney Lindsay Heckler of Center for Elder Law & Justice on reopening of nursing homes”

May 4, 2020: USA Today, “‘It makes no sense:’ Feds consider relaxing infection control in US nursing homes”

May 4, 2020: The Hill, “Fed rule would roll back infection control requirements at nursing homes”

May 4, 2020: The Daily Beast, “Feds mull rolling back infection control requirements at nursing homes”

May 4, 2020: Raw Story Investigates, “Federal government wants to roll back infection control requirements in nursing homes as coronavirus rages: report”

April 24, 2020: Buffalo News, “Legal help for all ages available from elder law center”

April 19, 2020: Buffalo News, “At nursing homes, covid-19 deaths but little public data”

April 17, 2020: WKBW, “Son says he wasn’t notified of mother’s death”

April 17, 2020: Courthouse News, “Cuomo rips into Trump: pass bucks, not the buck”

April 15, 2020: “Poloncarz: Nursing home residents account for closer to one third of Erie County’s COVID-19 deaths”

*List does not include items prior to April 15.


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