CELJ Announces New Consumer Guides for Nursing Home Residents

submitted by Liam McMahon, Paralegal

The Center for Elder Law & Justice (CELJ) is excited to announce the release of two new informational guides for long-term care consumers in Western New York. In October of 2019, with generous funding provided by the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Benefit Fund, CELJ began a new resident rights advocacy initiative aimed at improving the ability of nursing home residents in Western New York to act as self-advocates in their own care. The project began with a survey of Western New York consumers and healthcare professionals that sought input from those with personal experience with long-term care planning and nursing homes. With the information provided by our survey we hoped to create a useful tool to answer the most common and pressing questions faced by residents and advocates.

The final products of our initiative are two informational booklets entitled Nursing Home Resident Rights and Tips, and Your Care, Your Choice: A Guide to Long-Term Care. The first is intended to help current nursing home residents learn about their rights to help them recognize common issues and provide solutions to those concerns or questions. The second is a general guide on long-term care planning intended to help those who are considering moving to a nursing home, especially if they are current hospital patients.

CELJ has printed 10,000 of these guides to be distributed to local nursing homes, hospitals, senior centers, and advocacy organizations, delivering these guides to those they benefit most. Our guides are also available online on our Nursing Home and Assisted Living Resources page, where you can also find other useful informational materials for long-term care planning, located here: https://elderjusticeny.org/resources/long-term-care-resources/.

Please share these guides with anyone who may benefit – nursing home residents, family members, or those considering long-term care options. Thank you to the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Benefit Fund for their generous funding, all those who participated in our survey, and all the CELJ staff who contributed to these consumer resources.

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