Caregiver Supports

At Legal Services for the Elderly, we often work with caregivers who assist clients by providing physical, medical, and emotional support.  We applaud the selfless work of these caregivers; taking care of an aging spouse, parent, friend, or relative can be very rewarding but is also incredibly stressful.  It is important to reach out if you are feeling stressed as a caregiver; not only can it negatively impact the level of care you are able to provide, the consequences on your health can be deadly.  According to the American Psychological Association, strained caregivers have a 63 percent greater chance of death within four years as compared to non-caregivers.

If you are one of the estimated 44 million Americans who serve as a caregiver, there are resources available to assist, including a Caregiver’s Resource Center through PBS.  If you are a caregiver in Erie County we encourage you to check out the new Erie County Department of Senior Services Caregiver Resource Center.  If you are a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, please check out the Memory Café for an opportunity to meet and talk with other caregivers while your loved one participates in a fun activity. Finally, Erie County offers a powerful tools for caregivers class aimed at providing caregivers techniques for stress reduction. For more information please visit any of the above hyperlinks, or call (716) 858-2177, or email

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