Yes!  NY PAUSE is not a suggestion or a recommendation.  It is enforceable by state and local law enforcement officials.  Under NY PAUSE, individuals are prohibited from attending non-essential gatherings of any size, even house parties, backyard/driveway socializing, or meeting in groups in any location with people who don’t live in your house; violating Matilda’s Law (see section on Matilda’s law for more details); participating in non-essential business activities (except for remote working from your home); and failing to keep six feet apart at all times while patronizing an essential business.  These restrictions are in place until at least May 28th, unless your region meets the metrics for reopening.  The most recent executive order regarding the PAUSE extension included the prohibition of non-essential gatherings of any size through May 28th, including social gatherings.  Anyone caught violating NY PAUSE may be ticketed by law enforcement.

State and local law enforcement officers will be enforcing these provisions.  Please consider carefully whether your activities are essential and be sure to practice social distancing when outside by staying 6 feet apart from other people, and refraining from in-person meetings (even if outdoors) with anyone who does not live in your household.

Additionally, as of April 17, 2020, New York State is requiring ALL PEOPLE to wear masks whenever they are outside of their own homes if they are in a situation where social distancing (staying 6 feet away from other people) would be difficult or impossible.  Examples of this would include grocery stores that are crowded, mass transit (busses/trains), cabs, ride-shares (Uber/Lyft) and other public spaces that are still open to the public.  The government is looking into the possibility of imposing civil fines for individuals who fail to wear masks in public.  These can be homemade cloth masks, surgical-style masks, bandanas/scarves tied around the face, or N95 masks.  Any mask or face covering worn must cover your mouth and nose in order to comply.  This rule will be in effect until further notice.