Action Alert: Protect Medicaid

YOUR Action is Needed to #ProtectMedicaid in the face of COVID-19.

While Governor Cuomo has been a strong leader in battling COVID-19, his administration still wants to move forward with $2.5 billion in cuts to the Medicaid program. These cuts will harm 6.3 million New Yorkers who need Medicaid for their health care, including children, individuals with disabilities, and seniors.

We are also particularly concerned with his administration’s efforts to change federal disaster relief legislation to obtain the authority to enact these cuts and others.

So we need YOUR help: 

Take Action to #ProtectMedicaid today!

  1. E-mail your State Senator & Assemblymember’s Office

Your Senator’s e-mail address can be found here, and your Assemblymember’s e-mail address can be found here. (Not sure who represents you? Look up your Senator here and your Assemblymember here!). In your e-mail please ask your Senator and Assemblymember to do the following:

  • ​​​​Contact their leadership (Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Heastie) and tell them they want:
  • No cuts to Medicaid
  • To raise targeted revenues from the super-rich
  • Take a public stand on these issues
  • Take a public stand on these issues
  1. Call Senator Schumer and Gillibrand
Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Albany Office: (518) 431-4070
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s Albany Office: (518) 431-0120 Te

Message:  As your Constituent, I want to thank you for providing additional Medicaid funding to New York. We need to keep Medicaid strong during this crisis, by preventing states from cutting Medicaid during this time.

  1. Tweet @ Legislative Leaders using the hashtags #NoMedicaidCuts and #ProtectMedicaid

Sample Tweet:   In the face of the #COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers need Medicaid now more than ever. We must #ProtectMedicaid at all costs and urge #NoMedicaidCuts – the lives of New Yorkers are on the line. @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins #NoMedicaidCuts #ProtectMedicaid

Sample Tweet:  ATTN: @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins Please urge @NYGovCuomo to accept $6.7 billion in federal emergency Medicaid funding and to abandon Medicaid cuts at this critical time! We must preserve the Medicaid Maintenance of Effort to #ProtectMedicaid

Sample Tweet: 6.3 million of New York’s children, seniors, individuals with disabilities and low-income families rely on Medicaid to meet their fundamental healthcare needs. Now – more than ever – we must #ProtectMedicaid to fight #COVID19 and say #NoMedicaidCuts. @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins

Thank you for taking action! During this unprecedented time, ALL New Yorkers need Medicaid’s protections more than ever.

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